5 Tips For Shopaholics Looking To Stretch Their Dollar


Entire looks for under $3o, yes?

I’ve been a diehard bargain-hunter for a while now and this passion of mine isn’t going away anytime soon.

After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of telling your friends that the runway-inspired dress you’re wearing only costs ten dollars.

So here are 5 quick tips for those of you who wish to get more bang out of your shopping buck. Or in my case, you just want a cheap thrill (literally).

1. Set pricing limits for yourself.

For instance, I NEVER buy tops above $10. The only exception I’d make is if the top is from a high-end brand, and obviously of better quality (thicker, good for winter etc).

And even if that’s the case, $15 is the maximum.

This also makes you more disciplined in spending; if you really like something but it’s above the limit you set, you should wait for a promotion first.

2. Go directly for the sales racks/section.

Pretty self-intuitive tip actually. But for the uninitiated, try not to buy items full-priced because there’s always the chance that it might go on sale.

Again, if you really like it but it’s expensive, refer to Rule #1.

3. Follow the social media pages of the brands you like.

I do so to keep myself abreast of ongoing sales and promotions hahahahahhhahahaha #auntie

Seriously though, I never would’ve known that H&M was gonna sell their jeans at $10 had I not seen their Facebook post.

4. Ask yourself if it can be thrifted for a much lower price.

It isn’t difficult to find brand new tops and bottoms for cheap. However, items like outerwear are a lot more tricky in the budgeting department.

If that’s the case, you might wanna turn to thrifting as an alternative. Because what you can’t find cheap brand new, you might just be able get at a thrift store.

5. Don’t buy something just ‘cos it’s cheap.


This is a rule that just screams to be broken; I know because I myself am guilty of it.

However, I also believe I speak on behalf of all cheapskates when I say we have at least 5 pieces of clothing we don’t wear anymore, but were bought “because they were only x dollars”.

It’s a painful lesson some of us aren’t the best at learning. But remember, $5 on something you won’t wear is worse than $15 on something you will.


Hope this helps a little in curbing your shopping expenditure! 🙂


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