Bubble Teas in Perth To Spend Your $5 On

bubble tea.png

I know, 5 bucks for a cup of bubble tea is heart-breaking, given that it’s less than $3 back home in Singapore.

But bubble tea is to me, what alcohol is to alcoholics. As such, I have spent a good amount of Aussie dollars trying out various versions of the drink.

Though it’s hard to find something that tastes just like Koi / Gong Cha, there are a few worthy contenders for those of you craving for a taste of home.



(Range of drinks available here.)

This is apparently the go-to brand for bubble teas here in Perth. According to a friend, their drinks are made upon order, unlike other chains that already have a premix on standby.

This results in a fuller taste as well, which is made even more obvious when I compare Presotea’s drinks with other brands’.

Both medium and large cups are available, but I usually go for the latter as it only costs 50c more. Toppings are 60c each, which is quite bo hua (not worth it) so I just skip them altogether.

(If you haven’t already noticed, adding toppings means you’re effectively getting less tea! Used to work at Gong Cha and the difference stated in the SOP was 50ml. #theresadifference)

As for sugar levels, I order a level above what I usually do in Singapore, because I find that the teas here aren’t as sweet.

Here’s a list of what I tried:

  • Jasmine Milk Tea ($5.10)



  • Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea ($5.10)



The above are pretty self-explanatory, and similar to those you’d find at common bubble tea chains like Share Tea and Each A Cup.

If you’re used to buying these flavours back home, no worries cos they taste the same.


  • Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($5.10)


This tastes a lot like Gong Cha’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea. If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) you will like this a lot.


  • Hokkaido Milk Tea ($5.10)


Didn’t like this as it tasted a lot more like sugared milk than milk tea. I haven’t drunk anything similar before so I’m unable to describe this precisely (sorry!)

My sister said it wasn’t bad though, so I guess this drink will have its fair share of likes and dislikes.


  • Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea ($5.10)


This is actually just oolong milk tea HAHAHA goodness I wish they just named it as such.


  • Ceylon Milk Tea (Original Milk Tea), $5.10


  • Signature Milk Tea ($5.10)


Don’t mix these two up cos I did HAHA and I was genuinely confused as to whether the staff made a mistake or I did.

The Ceylon Milk Tea is the standard nai cha that we’re all used to, whereas the Signature Milk Tea tastes more of oolong.





In terms of taste, Utopia does lag behind Presotea by a little.

However, they make up for it with slightly lower prices, and also a variety of drinks that aren’t available at Presotea. I also like how their cups are made of paper, so it isn’t so cold to the touch when you hold it.

Their drinks come in both medium and large cups, with free upsizes available on Mondays. Otherwise, an upsize costs $1, which is a bit of a stretch for me so I just go for medium.

(Oh, if you’re from UWA you get a 10% discount. There was once I forgot and till this day I blame myself for not remembering.)

Sugar level-wise, order a level above what you normally would in Singapore as their teas aren’t that sweet as well.

  • Utopia Milk Tea ($4.20) 
  • Premium Jasmine Green Milk Tea ($4.80) 

The above drinks are your standard milk tea/green milk tea. They do taste more like Cha Time than Share Tea / Each A Cup though.

  • Lavender Black Milk Tea ($4.40)

Regretted buying this after taking the first sip. Which made me remember that I actually just dislike lavender tea in general.

Still advise against getting this drink cos there are many other better options in the menu.

  • Honey Milk Tea ($4.60)

This was a pleasant surprise, especially after trying the LBMT and nearly losing hope in Utopia altogether LOL.

I like how this isn’t sugary sweet like honeyed drinks are supposed to be, and drinking it didn’t result in that jelak, overly rich feeling.

  • Green Tea Cheese Latte ($5)

If you’re a Gong Cha Milk Green Tea fan like I am, this would be right up your alley. It’s easily my favourite Utopia drink due to the resemblance, though it is admittedly more sweet than savoury.


There you have it, two bubble tea chains from which I’ve been getting my fix. Hope this has been (vaguely) useful for anyone out there!!


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