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I know I’ve been away from this space for a while, sorry about that ūüė¶ have been vlogging a lot more lately because I realised that making videos is definitely more me¬†than writing blog posts.

That said, I would appreciate it if you guys could check out my YouTube channel¬†ūüôā I post videos on affordable fashion and beauty so if that’s right up your alley, do check it out!

Here’s a video on my favourite Perth fashion buys! Decided to do this since I’m heading back to Singapore soon and it was a good way to round up my trip here (since I am a budget shopaholic at heart).

Do let me know if you guys would like to see any Singapore-related fashion/beauty content, and thank you so much for supporting this little site of mine ūüôā

Bubble Teas in Perth To Spend Your $5 On

bubble tea.png

I know, 5 bucks for a cup of bubble tea is¬†heart-breaking, given that it’s less than $3 back home in Singapore.

But bubble tea is to me, what alcohol is to alcoholics. As such, I have spent a good amount of Aussie dollars trying out various versions of the drink.

Though it’s hard to find something that tastes just like Koi / Gong Cha, there are a few worthy contenders for those of you craving for a taste of home.



(Range of drinks available here.)

This is apparently the go-to brand for bubble teas here in Perth. According to a friend, their drinks are made upon order, unlike other chains that already have a premix on standby.

This results in a fuller taste as well, which is made even more obvious when I compare Presotea’s drinks with other brands’.

Both medium and large cups are available, but I usually go for the latter as it only costs 50c more. Toppings are 60c each, which is quite bo hua (not worth it) so I just skip them altogether.

(If you haven’t already noticed, adding toppings means you’re effectively getting less tea! Used to work at Gong Cha and the difference stated in the SOP was 50ml. #theresadifference)

As for sugar levels, I order a level above what I usually do in Singapore, because I find that the teas here aren’t as sweet.

Here’s a list of what I tried:

  • Jasmine Milk Tea ($5.10)



  • Royal Earl Grey Milk Tea ($5.10)



The above are pretty self-explanatory, and similar to those you’d find at common bubble tea chains like Share Tea and Each A Cup.

If you’re used to buying these flavours back home, no worries cos they taste the same.


  • Okinawa Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($5.10)


This tastes a lot like Gong Cha’s Brown Sugar Milk Tea. If you have a sweet tooth (like me!) you will like this a lot.


  • Hokkaido Milk Tea ($5.10)


Didn’t like this as it tasted a lot more like sugared milk than milk tea. I haven’t drunk anything similar before so I’m unable to describe this precisely (sorry!)

My sister said it wasn’t bad though, so I guess this drink will have its fair share of likes and dislikes.


  • Charcoal Roasted Milk Tea ($5.10)


This is actually just oolong milk tea HAHAHA goodness I wish they just named it as such.


  • Ceylon Milk Tea (Original Milk Tea), $5.10


  • Signature Milk Tea ($5.10)


Don’t mix these two up cos I did HAHA and I was genuinely confused as to whether the staff made a mistake or I did.

The Ceylon Milk Tea is the standard¬†nai cha that we’re all used to, whereas the Signature Milk Tea tastes more of oolong.





In terms of taste, Utopia does lag behind Presotea by a little.

However, they make up for it with slightly lower prices, and also a variety of drinks that aren’t available at Presotea. I also like how their cups are made of paper, so it isn’t so cold to the touch when you hold it.

Their drinks come in both medium and large cups, with free upsizes available on Mondays. Otherwise, an upsize costs $1, which is a bit of a stretch for me so I just go for medium.

(Oh, if you’re from UWA you get a 10% discount. There was once I forgot and till this day I blame myself for not remembering.)

Sugar level-wise, order a level above what you normally would in Singapore as their teas aren’t that sweet as well.

  • Utopia Milk Tea ($4.20)¬†
  • Premium Jasmine Green Milk Tea ($4.80)¬†

The above drinks are your standard milk tea/green milk tea. They do taste more like Cha Time than Share Tea / Each A Cup though.

  • Lavender Black Milk Tea ($4.40)

Regretted buying this after taking the first sip. Which made me remember that I actually just dislike lavender tea in general.

Still advise against getting this drink cos there are many other better options in the menu.

  • Honey Milk Tea ($4.60)

This was a pleasant surprise, especially after trying the LBMT and nearly losing hope in Utopia altogether LOL.

I like how this isn’t sugary sweet like honeyed drinks are supposed to be, and drinking it didn’t result in that¬†jelak, overly rich feeling.

  • Green Tea Cheese Latte ($5)

If you’re a Gong Cha Milk Green Tea fan like I am, this would be right up your alley. It’s easily my favourite Utopia drink due to the resemblance, though it is admittedly more sweet than savoury.


There you have it, two bubble tea chains from which I’ve been getting my fix. Hope this has been (vaguely) useful for anyone out there!!

5 Tips For Shopaholics Looking To Stretch Their Dollar


Entire looks for under $3o, yes?

I’ve been a diehard bargain-hunter for a while now and this passion of mine isn’t going away anytime soon.

After all, nothing beats the satisfaction of telling your friends that the runway-inspired dress you’re wearing only costs ten dollars.

So here are 5 quick tips for those of you who wish to get more bang out of your shopping buck. Or in my case, you just want a cheap thrill (literally).

1. Set pricing limits for yourself.

For instance, I¬†NEVER buy tops above $10. The only exception I’d make is if the top is from a high-end brand, and obviously of better quality (thicker, good for winter etc).

And even if that’s the case, $15 is the maximum.

This also makes you more disciplined in spending; if you really like something¬†but it’s above the limit you set, you should¬†wait for a promotion first.

2. Go directly for the sales racks/section.

Pretty self-intuitive tip actually. But for the uninitiated, try not to buy items full-priced because there’s always the chance that it might go on sale.

Again, if you really like it but it’s expensive, refer to Rule #1.

3. Follow the social media pages of the brands you like.

I do so to keep myself abreast of ongoing sales and promotions hahahahahhhahahaha #auntie

Seriously though, I never would’ve known that H&M was gonna sell their jeans at $10 had I not seen their Facebook post.

4. Ask yourself if it can be thrifted for a much lower price.

It isn’t difficult to find brand new tops and bottoms for cheap. However, items like outerwear are a lot more tricky in the budgeting department.

If that’s the case, you might wanna turn to thrifting as an alternative.¬†Because what you can’t find cheap brand new, you might just be able get at a thrift store.

5. Don’t buy something just ‘cos it’s cheap.


This is a rule that just screams to be broken; I know because I myself am guilty of it.

However,¬†I also believe I speak on behalf of all cheapskates when I say we have at least 5 pieces of clothing we don’t wear anymore, but were bought “because they were only x dollars”.

It’s a painful lesson some of us aren’t the best at learning. But remember, $5 on something you won’t wear is worse than $15 on something you will.


Hope this helps a little in curbing your shopping expenditure! ūüôā

Drugstore Beauty Products That Worked For Me

Screenshot 2017-05-02 01.29.55

Admit it,¬†drugstores are the heroes we don’t deserve.

I jest. But in all honesty, with accessible prices and outlets all over the island, pharmacies have become our one-stop place for quick beauty fixes.

Sunscreen? Drugstore. Makeup remover? Drugstore. Makeup?? Also drugstore.

Besides their affordability, the popularity of these products can also be attributed to the rise in drugstore haul videos. Zoella, for one, likes to talk about her trips to Boots and what she got from there.

As a firm believer of the truth that there’s always something¬†affordable¬†and good, I have rounded up 4 drugstore favourites of mine.

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, 400ml (SGD17.90)


This is the bomb dot com and honestly one of the more underrated things out there in the beauty world.

It does the job perfectly, removing makeup fast and without irritation at all. For its price, this is good value for a micellar water.

The only competition I can think of is Bioderma’s, but I dare say this is just as good.¬†Stock up on these if¬†you’re in Australia, they¬†can go for¬†less than $10¬†there!

Overall rating: 5/5

2. Bio-essence Hydra Tri-Action Aqua Moisturizing Gel (SGD25.90)


I like my moisturisers in a water-like/gel consistency because they’re absorbed more quickly¬†than creams.

This one smells nice and is light, which¬†is good because I don’t sleep with air-con. Thick moisturisers¬†just don’t do it in Singapore’s humidity.

(After it ran out I used it as a container for my rings haha.)

Overall rating: 3.5/5

3. Essence lipstick (~SGD5)


Inserting this one for the very attractive price and colour, since it suits my skin tone and almost everything I wear. Do wish it was more lasting though.

Overall rating: 3/5

4. Silkygirl Colors Radiant EDT, 50ml (~SGD12)


I’m not particular about scents because when it comes to buying fragrances, it’s either nice or not nice – there’s no in between.

This one was nice and lasted throughout the day whenever I wore it. Not sure if they carry this particular scent anymore, but do give drugstore perfumes a try.

Overall rating: 4/5


Disclaimer: some of these items were bought on sale and not at the prices mentioned. If you feel they’re expensive, wait for a promotion first! ūüôā

Is Makeup With SPF Enough?

Screenshot 2017-05-01 10.30.01.png

Many of us already know the benefits of putting on beauty products with SPF. Or rather, the consequences we face if we don’t.

(Basically the sun doesn’t just cause sunburns. UV rays are capable of breaking down the stuff in your skin that’s responsible for elasticity, firmness blablabla.)

But in Singapore where the weather is humid and hot, is it possible to just skip sunscreen and go straight for makeup with sun protection?

I did some Googling and here are some factors you may wanna consider before deciding:

1. Effectively, the protection on your face is that of the product with the highest SPF.

So if you have on SPF 50 sunscreen and SPF 15 foundation, your effective protection is SPF 50.¬†Adding on more layers of SPF isn’t gonna increase the protection!

2. If you’re spending time outdoors/indoors where areas are sun-lit, an SPF of at least 30 is a must.

Most products I know have factors of 15, 30 and 50. Those with 15 are usually meant for indoors where exposure to sun rays isn’t constant.

3. Makeup fades over the day.

When¬†your foundation/bb cushion¬†starts wearing off, so does your SPF. Which means¬†it’s still best to have a form of protection underneath the makeup.

4. Skincare with SPF is sufficient, doesn’t strictly have to be sunscreen.

I have dry skin and moisturiser is a must for me.

So¬†in Singapore where it’s always hot and I’m rushing for class, I like to apply a¬†moisturiser with SPF. Kills two birds with one stone.

Or 3, given that layering on stuff in humid weather leaves your face feeling icky ūüė¶

Or 4, since I’m saving money haha ok I’ll stop here.


TLDR; SPF is important so remember to apply¬†some (on your face at least) before you leave the house ūüôā

Lads, you are not exempted from this either. Go invest in sunscreen if you haven’t already!


A Brand New Thrill At a Secondhand Price

Screenshot 2017-04-29 02.33.00.png

For those of you who don’t know, thrifting refers to¬†shopping at secondhand¬†thrift stores. A popular example would be the Salvation Army chain available in both Singapore and Australia.

Screenshot 2017-04-29 02.36.43.png

(Let’s also not forget Jenn Im’s humble beginnings as a fellow¬†thrifter ya.)

As a bargain-hunter, it’s only natural that¬†I enjoy a good thrift haul. After all,¬†most of my thrifted items fall below the $10, scrap that, $7 mark.

What sets the process apart from shopping at a typical store, is the nitty-gritty that everyone has to get themselves into in order to walk away with a trophy purchase.



For one, the concept of visual merchandising is non-existent. Think endless racks of clothing sardine-packed against one another, and various nondescript corners with clearance items precariously piled into a basket.

Thrift stores aren’t exactly the best-smelling of places either. They don’t stink, but they do smell of secondhand stuff (duh jane what u talking)

All these turn away shoppers who would much rather shop in comfort. But not those who are eager to sniff out the deal they were born to get.

I guess this is where the essence of thrifting lies. After all, which is more satisfying Рtaking a hoodie you like off a pile of neatly stacked jackets, or finding it nestled within twenty other secondhand outerwear hanging off a rack?


My love for thrifting started way back when I was a primary school kid.

I was a massive fan of Winx Club. But¬†no matter how much I begged my parents they just wouldn’t get me this stationery set that I wanted.

Fair enough. Licensed merchandise is expensive after all.

One day while browsing at a thrift shop with my domestic helper, I actually saw, right there on a shelf


WinXClub Stationery


You have no idea how thrilled I was. I went ahead and bought it since it was only $5 ūüėÄ

Since then I would make it a point to look through¬†the shop whenever I walked past it. Didn’t help that it was located near my then-house LOL.

Things that I’ve bought from there include a black formal dress (peplum at the top with a bandage skirt heh I still remember) that I unfortunately don’t have anymore ūüė• and also a brand-new-with-tag New Balance shirt that I still have today!

(Yes, the both were less than ten bucks each. $6 and $4 if I’m not wrong.)


Not all excursions to thrift stores end with great buys.¬†But you never know!¬†Keep an open mind, and you might just be surprised¬†ūüėČ *winks*

Here are some looks that I’ve put together using thrifted finds:

Top: Salvos ($6.25), Shorts: Good Sammy’s ($1),¬†Flats: Big W ($3), Sling bag: Ezbuy ($9)

Dungaree: Salvos ($3.50), Shirt: Kmart ($3)

Top: Salvos ($1), Jeans: New Look ($17)

Dress: Good Sammy’s ($4), Heels and accessories: Mom (borrowed)

Wish the thrifting scene in Singapore was bigger!! ūüė¶

10 Souvenirs/Gifts You Can Get From Kmart



If the US has Target and the UK has Primark, then Australia’s version would have to be Kmart.

(Not that Australia doesn’t have Target. It still is a department store chain here, however, their things are pricier and not as value-for-money as Kmart’s.)

For those of you heading down under, here are some alternatives to koala keychains and boomerang magnets that you can consider getting for your loved ones back home:

1. Notebooks / journals

With designs that rival those of Typo but at a much better price point, I don’t think it’ll be long before your basket becomes heavy with notebooks (who says you can’t buy some for yourself too?)

They also sell things in multi-packs, which makes souvenir-giving for larger groups even easier!

2. Pencil cases

A lighter alternative to the notebooks, these make for eye-candy stationery as well. Look at the rose gold ones *_*

3. Water bottles

A¬†little on the bulkier side, this might¬†be better as a present than a souvenir. Maybe a gift for a close friend/special someone? ūüôā

4. Accessories

An easy way to jazz up an outfit, accessories also go a long way in elevating one’s mood.

From that friend who appreciates an understated ring, to the friend who likes the occasional show-stopping necklace, a souvenir they can use to enhance their look does leave a lasting impression.

5. Caps

Wait, they’re¬†still in trend right?

Ah well, good to have some protection on the head when the sun is shining!

6. Socks

Kmart sells 3-for-$2 packs of these. Makes you wanna get your life together huh (pull up your socks, geddit?)

In all seriousness, almost everyone wears socks anyway. And these are by far the most value-for-money¬†:’) #bless

7. Underwear

I know this is weird but for your close girlfriends, why not? They have really nice designs too, and I know underwear back home (in Singapore at least) ain’t cheap.

Only problem is that they’re in multi-packs of the same size – if you were planning to, this might be hard to split among a group.

(Unless all of you are the same size. In that case, butt friends forever!!! *ass hi-five*)

Pro-tip: if you’re small-sized you might wanna check out the kids’ section instead. The underwear there are probably more fitting¬†and cute.

8. Pyjamas

Australians are pretty big into PJs. Either that, or Kmart’s loungewear range looks too good to be worn at home.

Okay, maybe not the pants. Shirts can be paired with shorts/jeans for a “straight out of bed” look though ūüėČ

9. Beauty products

Kmart’s clearance items are indicated with a yellow price sticker, and beauty products are one of those.

Though we try to steer clear of beauty products that are too cheap (and hence too good to be true), some like nail polishes are still quite safe to use.

Just go with your gut instinct and exercise a bit of caution when deciding what to buy; checking¬†expiry dates and going with brands you’re familiar with are good rules of thumb to follow.

10. Vegemite

Added this one for good measure and humour LOL. Most supermarkets sell them¬†so you don’t have to go all the way to a Kmart for one.

But, if you’re already at a Kmart shopping for souvenirs – why not?


I know most of the above are probably more expensive than your typical Australian souvenirs.

But think of it this way – instead of buying tons of keychains/magnets for everyone you know, why not put in a little bit more effort to buy something more meaningful for your close friends?

As much as we don’t want to seem¬†paiseh and not give every single friend a souvenir, souvenir store knick knacks don’t actually withstand the test of time. And sometimes, it is better to save the money and buy something nicer for your loved ones instead. #there #isaidit #notgonnahavefriendsanymore #byeacquaintances

Okay, enough blabbering from me!! Here’s a haul video I did:

Enjoy your weekend!! ūüôā